Monday, September 24, 2012

Monogram Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for my cousin/best friend's baby's blessing! The monogram topper represented his first name and added a great personalized touch.

A modern twist

The flower toppers add a modern twist to cute pink and white cupcakes.

Elegant Cupcakes

These  pretty cupcakes were for a bridal shower. The soft pastel color and realistic flowers on these cupcakes were perfect fit at the elegant event

Calling all Nurses

This cake was for my darling sister in law who had recently graduated nursing school! We wanted to celebrate her birthday but also this great accomplishment. Everything on the cake is edible except the pill bottle, although i don't think anybody wanted to eat those bandaids haha! We celebrated her birthday at my family's cabin in Sundance and we had such a good time with everyone.

Baby Rock Star

There is nothing cooler than a rock and roll girl baby shower! The guitar is made of white chocolate. The cake is chocolate mudcake with a caramel filling. It was windy that day of the shower and my client told me later that when they were moving the cake to go cut it she dropped it right on the ground! It will be a great, funny memory for them though! At least it made it to the party and they were still able to enjoy it.

Giddy up!

This cake was for a cowboy/horse themed birthday party for a little boy. They put a little plastic horse on the top. The picture doesn't show it very well, but the cake looked just like a pair of jeans!

New York Skyline

What a fun party them this was. Pink New York city! This cake was tall! The small cake beside it was a smash cake. This was for a first birthday party so I thought that a cute pink building for the birthday girl to smash would go perfectly with the theme.

Star Wars

This R2D2 cake was for a Star Wars themed party. My client said I could do any kind of Star Wars themed cake so I thought a big R2D2 would make the biggest statement. His arms are made of rice krispies which kids (and my husband) love! After she had ordered this cake, she called me a few days before the party and told me there would be a little girl there who was also having a birthday and would love it if I could do a princess Leia for her.
So there is R2D2 with Leia! Don't you just love her yummy donut hair!

Jungle safari

This cake was a great centerpiece for my friend's safari themed party. Her first little boy was turning one, so you just have to go all out! The cute little fondant animals matched perfectly with all of the party decor.

Pink ruffles

This cake is all girl! The delicate flower bow was the perfect accent for the pink ruffles. I have three little boys and four brothers, so it is fun for me when I get to do pretty, girly cakes.

Swirls of frosting

This cake has a simple, yet bold look to it. It was a great focal point for the nautical tablescape they had designed. The frosting swirls were as delicious as they look!

Motorcycle mayhem

This harley was for a 1 year old's birthday party. It was quite a challenge to carve this and it turned out very big and heavy so it had a great visual impact. Every boy loves a motorcycle!

A magical cake

This cake was so fun to create! It was for my brother who loves doing magic tricks. He even did a magic show for my 4 year old's birthday party. The kids LOVE him! So I thought this would be a great representation. He was really excited to get a cake so personalized to him.

dolphin tales

This family had recently gotten home from a vacation in Mexico. Their favorite part...swimming with the dolphins. She wanted me to recreate the beach feeling of their trip and definitely dolphins. The edible starfish and seashells gave the cake great dimension. This was the first time I had made a lemon cake and it was absolutely delicious! So moist and rich. The bright yellow color of the cake reminded me of the sun setting on the ocean waves.

Golfing for a good cause

This was a cake for a church fundraiser that my uncle was in charge of. It was fun to create this golf themed cake along with edible golf clubs and bag. I was happy to be able to help them raise money for a great cause and hopefully the person who bought it enjoyed it!

The apple of my eye

Don't you just want to take a bite out of this shiny red apple! This was for a teacher who was retiring! A big statement cake was a great way to thank her for all of her hard work over the years.

Summer chic

Nothing says summer like a pair of flip flops on the beach. This was one of four parties this mother had that week for each of her children to celebrate the end of the school year! I don't know how she did it but a delicious slice of flip flop cake hopefully helped rid her of any stress:)

A surprise awaits

What a great surprise to cut into a cake to reveal these bright colors, perfect for a summer party at the pool! This was for my neighbor's little boy. She made the banner for him to add a mother's touch! A colorful outside pattern give a sneak peak of whats to come!

A penguin delight

This is was the second cake I ever made! I have learned a lot since making it, but it was such a fun theme! It was for my husband's friend's little girl. She loved penguins and wanted a penguin birthday theme! The topsy turvy cake was perfect for penguins wanting to slip and slide down the snow!

Pink Zebra

What little girl wouldn't love a pink zebra cake! This was for another high school friend that I haven't seen since we graduated, so it was fun to do her little girl's birthday cake so we could catch up! I loved the pop of turquoise!

A Peppa Party

This cake was for a Peppa Pig in the rain party! I made each of those Peppa Pig figures so they are completely edible! It was a challenge to make these characters look authentic, but I had a lot of fun making them!

A white puppy cute enough to eat

Don't you just want to pet this fluffy puppy! I just want to eat it actually because I love lots of frosting and this dog was ALL frosting!

Death by chocolate

This cake was actually for my incredible mom. She loves chocolate and only chocolate. I wanted to experiment and cover this cake with a chocolate fondant. I had never done it before so it was a great learning experience. The cake and the filling was also chocolate. The new chocolate fondant tasted great! This is an 8 inch 6 layer cake!

Disney magic

My friend from high school ordered this cake for his mom who loves Minnie Mouse. I hadn't seen him since we graduated so it was fun to catch up when he picked up the cake!

Always an occasion for cupcakes!

These cute little bow tie cupcakes were for a baby boy blessing. The 3D bow ties were completely edible! These were a rich chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

An edible instrument

This cake was for a guy who loved Native American flutes! Whaaa! I know, I didn't even know such a thing existed :) His wife was surprising him with this cake and did a whole Native American theme. A Native American performer came and presented him with his very own flute so he could learn to play it! The flute on this cake is completely edible.

A last minute project

This cake was for a travel themed bridal shower. The lady who was supposed to make this cake got sick, so they called me panicked to see if I could do an antique suitcase cake by the next day! I wasn't sure that I would be able to get it done in that short of time, but I wanted to help and was able to get it done in time just by the skin of my teeth.

A surprise

This cake was for my husband's birthday and guess what...I kept it a surprise from him! It was difficult to hide this from him because I work on my cakes when he gets home from work to help with the kids. So I had to work on it during the day with my kids "helping" me the whole time. His favorite sports teams are the Jazz, BYU football (he played baseball at BYU which converted him from a Utah fan into a BYU fan too), and Angels baseball. He was very surprised when I brought this cake out to sing him happy birthday so it was a success!

Come one, come all!

This cake was for a circus themed party for two of my cousin's one year olds. I thought it was such a fun party them! My cousins are party planner experts! Everything they do is so creative and crafty.  I loved doing this cake! My cousin told me that before they were going to sing happy birthday, one of the cute little party guests ate the head right off of the clown! It made me happy that she thought it looked good enough to eat!